You can create a list of your medications with their dosage and frequency instructions. Pill reminders can be sent via email or text message.

Goals & Rewards

Ambio Health allows you and your care circle to establish rewards for achieving your goals (taking scheduled readings, maintaining readings within target thresholds, or attaining a target weight.)

Care Circle Support

Research shows individuals are more likely to stay healthy when they have a support network. Ambio Health’s Care Circle option keeps them informed of your status and progress. Care Circle members can review your status dashboard, get alerts/alarms, and coordinate their support using a shared calendar and message board.

Learn More

Ambio Health’s portal includes content from authoritative sources to help you understand what your readings mean and how to improve them.

Get and Stay On Track

Ambio Health removes the drudgery of logging your daily health readings and provides the reward for you and your Care Circle of progress towards better managed health.

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