Why Providers will benefit from prescribing Ambio

  • Flexible. Ambio can be used flexibly to support your care model.
    • Basic: Patients use Ambio and print or email their logs for their next office visit. This reduces the time to review handwritten logs or to download logs from patient meters.
    • Advanced: Online access to real-time reading logs and graphs, multi-patient dashboard, alerts when abnormal readings occur with patient-specific settings, notifications if readings are not taken as expected, patient surveys with alert conditions that can be used for health surveys and medication adherence.
  • Earlier detection of potential problems when a patient’s readings are abnormal, enabling proactive interventions.
  • Graphic and tabular analysis tools to help identify trends and exceptions.
  • Patients can add family members and other caregivers to their Care Circle, so everyone is on the same page. Family involvement has been shown to improve outcomes.
  • Ambio provides tools to improve adherence. Schedules can be set for readings and medications, with reminders sent to the patient via telephone call, text message or email. Notifications can be sent to Care Circle members if readings are not taken according to the schedule.
  • Because Ambio is so easy to use, most people can install Ambio themselves without technical assistance. Readings are sent automatically with high reliability which improves efficiency and engagement.
  • FDA Class II 510(k) cleared and HIPAA compliant for security and privacy.

What Providers are saying about Ambio

The Ambio dashboard provides a comprehensive yet straight-forward overview of glucose control, and can be personalized to meet the needs of individual patients and providers.

Dr. Jason Baker

Weill Cornell Physicians in New York

The Ambio system shortens the amount of time I spend with my patients just finding, recording, or downloading their numbers in a manner that I can make sense of. Ambio allows me to spend more time with my patients looking at patterns, evaluating and making necessary changes.

Joy Pape

An internationally known Certified Diabetes Educator in New York

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