Where can I purchase Glucose test strips?

Test strips are available at WalMart and Walgreens under the Presto Wavesense brand name. They are also available at Target under the Up and Up brand name. You may also purchase Presto Wavesense test strips online at Amazon.com, and ADWdiabetes.com or directly through Ambio Health. Lastly, your pharmacist can order them from the manufacturer directly.

Glucose test strips can be expensive, are they covered by Medicare or Insurance?

Yes, test strips are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. Ambio is partnering with Diabetic Care Services to handle Medicare or insurance processing and delivery of test strips to your door. If you don't have Medicare or Insurance, Ambio is partnering with Diabetic Express to provide affordable test strips.

Does the person taking readings need to know how to use a computer?

No. While there does need to be a broadband internet connection, the person taking readings does not need to use a computer to send readings. Readings are sent automatically without needing to start a PC or smartphone app or connect a cable.

Does the person taking readings need a high speed Internet connection?

The location where the system is used does need a broadband internet connection - a cable modem, Fios, satellite or cellular hotspot. This can be in their home, apartment, independent living facility or assisted living facility. We are seeing most seniors who want to stay connected with their families and friends have a broadband internet connection so they can do email, video conferencing with their grandchildren, look up information on health and other topics, play games, and several other reasons to have an internet connection.

Can family members view readings from anywhere?

Yes. The Ambio Care Portal can be accessed by authorized caregivers from anywhere in the world using their favorite web browser.

How does the patient get reminder messages or surveys?

Ambio can send reminders by telephone, email or text message and surveys by telephone or email based on their preference.

What health monitors can I use?

Ambio is designed to work with the Agamatrix Presto blood glucose meter, which is more accurate than most meters on the market (Presto is +/- 10% accuracy while most meters are +/- 20% accuracy). Ambio is also designed to work with the HoMedics BPA-060 or BPA-110 blood pressure monitor, which is proven to be clinically accurate. Ambio also uses the Ambio Scale with a built in Ambio wireless connectivity. The Ambio Activity Monitoring System uses Ambio developed motion and door window sensors with built in Ambio wireless connectivity.

How do alerts work for motion and door/sensors?

Motion and door/window sensors in the Ambio Activity Monitoring System can be set to send an alert message if there is no motion by the time you specify (e.g., if no motion in the kitchen by 9am), or if there is motion after the time you set (e.g., front door was opened after 11 pm), or if there is motion at anytime (no-one is home and not expecting any motion). Activity alerts are sent to any and all caregivers who want to get them by telephone, text message or email.

What if my parent is concerned about privacy and being "monitored"?

The Ambio system is unobtrusive. Health meters can be used in their natural locations (e.g., scale in the bathroom, blood pressure meter in the bedroom, etc.) so you don't need a table full of equipment staring you in the face. Readings are sent automatically so all the user has to do is take their health readings the way they normally would. Activity sensors look like home security sensors and do not use video or cameras.

Is my health information private & secure?

Yes. We take very seriously our responsibility to keep your health information private and secure. Only you and care partners you authorize can access your information. Ambio meets all HIPAA requirements for privacy and security.

Do I need a professional installer to set it up?

No. Set up of the equipment is easy. Just plug the Ambio Gateway into the internet router using the supplied cable and into a wall outlet using the supplied AC adapter, and plug the Ambio Wireless connector into the meter and it's ready to use.

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