Why patients and families will benefit from using Ambio:

  • Ambio is the easiest and most affordable remote health monitoring system available.
  • Say goodbye to paper logs! Ambio automatically records your readings in your personal health record on the Ambio Care Portal. You can print or email your readings to your healthcare providers. If you have a health coach, you can invite them to join your Ambio Care Circle to view your readings online.
  • Analyze your readings. Ambio can help you identify patterns so you can make adjustments and take control of your health. You can tag your readings as “before” or “after” a meal, list the food and/or carbs you ate, enter the insulin and/or other medications you took, and add free-form notes. Ambio displays all your information in both graphical and log formats.
  • Flexible. You can use as many of the features as you wish. It can be as simple as just plugging in your Ambio equipment.
  • Use it anywhere in your home. Unlike other systems that use cables or Bluetooth to transfer data, you can keep your scale in the bathroom, BP meter in the bedroom and Glucose meter in the kitchen.
  • Readings are sent automatically. No extra steps are required to send readings.
  • Get reminders You can use Ambio as a reminder system for medications and to take health readings to help you stay on track. You can get reminders by a telephone call, text message or email message so you don’t need to be in your home or near your pill bottle to get reminders.
  • Get alert messages. Ambio allows you to set alert levels that will trigger a notification if your readings are above or below values you set. If you have a health coach, this can help you get rapid feedback and coaching.
  • Safe, Secure and Private. Ambio is FDA 510(k) cleared and HIPAA compliant.

What our patients are saying about Ambio:

"The Ambio set-up is pretty slick. Hard to believe everything worked the first time I set it up with no tech intervention required. Impressed!"


New York

My doctor is impressed with the printout. It has been helpful to me. I can see where I am. I find the meter very accurate and the ease of recording is such a timesaver.



"It is a great product. The set-up was very much plug and play. Transmitting blood sugars from the meter was seamless and the website is user-friendly. My past experiences with similar products had been arduous."


New York

"Ambio Health has helped me to stay on top of my blood sugar easier than I ever have before. It is extremely easy to set up and allows you to keep track of all your results in a user-friendly web site. I use it to set reminders for me to take my blood sugar and the reminders are sent to me via text message. You can also use the system to email or print out your blood sugar results and give to your doctor. There is a section that you can enter in all your medications and give family members or other care takers access to the information, so they can monitor your results and keep track of all your medications."


New Jersey

The system is very easy to use, especially the set-up. I like that I don’t have to write down values after every reading, and the readings are automatically sent to the portal where I can log on and review them. I was able to print out my entire log and take it to my endocrinologist, who was very impressed with the capabilities of the system. It’s very helpful knowing that my caregivers are watching over me and my readings.


New Jersey

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"FDA clears Ambio wireless health monitoring system"

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